What Is Club Management Software?

Socializing is an important part of being human. In fact, it can improve cognitive skills and memory, reduce feelings of loneliness, boost mood, and even lengthen your life. The mental health advantages that socialization results in drives many people to seek membership in social clubs, including country clubs, yacht clubs, and other exclusive clubs. If you work for one of these organizations, though, it takes work to keep your members happy so they can reap the full benefits of socializing—and so you can stay in business.

Using country club management software or some other social club software will allow you to better manage and nurture the memberships at your club. In this blog, we cover what exactly this software is and how it helps. First, though, let’s go over exactly what club membership management entails.

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What Is Club Membership Management?

Club membership management is the administrative processes you complete to not only make members’ experiences smoother and more enjoyable, but also to run a successful, profitable club as well. Three key parts of club membership management are events, data analytics, and communication.


One way you can improve members’ experiences is by informing them of the activities or events they may find interest in. You can learn about their interests by looking at which sorts of activities members have attended in the past. These patterns can be difficult without the right tools, so make sure to use an all-in-one solution that collects all your data in one place. Based on the patterns you uncover, you can send emails providing members with more information on similar upcoming events.

Data Analytics

Discovering patterns in what activities and events people most often attend will also show the leadership team at your club which to prioritize and which ones may need revamping or to be completely removed. Instead of spending your dollars on the less desirable ones, you could create new activities and events that better cater to your members’ interests.


Good communication with members also characterizes strong club membership management. In addition to sending emails about events they might enjoy, you can also send them email or text reminders about paying dues, reservations they’ve scheduled, and more. Eliminating areas of confusion will make for happier members and may even attract new ones.

The tasks above are only a few of those involved with running a successful club. When you consider the sheer amount of work it takes to keep your club running, it may seem daunting. Luckily, with private club management software, your leadership team can more efficiently manage all its responsibilities.

What Is a Club Management System?

A club management system, also known as membership management software and social club software, is a tool that country clubs and yacht clubs use to efficiently run their business and heighten each members’ experience. It does so in a number of ways. It can automate tasks, such as sending members reminders or monitoring inventory levels, so that you can focus on other responsibilities within the club instead. A couple other features that these systems include are member portals and accounting solutions.

Member Portals

Some types of club management software also offer a member portal where your members can easily see and sign up for upcoming events and activities. Your club management software will then collect data on members’ sign up history so you can better tailor your marketing efforts to fit each members’ preferences. Members can typically pay their bills and learn more about the clubs’ leadership team in the portal as well. Many of these portals are accessible via desktop, mobile device, or app.


On the internal side of operations, a club management system can help you with accounting, particularly accounts payable and receivable, banking, billing and financial reporting. Like with food and beverage, the system will collect data on where your dollars go so that you can make informed financial decisions.

Other Features

The above information does not cover nearly everything that a club management system can do, but it does highlight some of its key capabilities. How many of these features you have access to will depend on the type of software you purchase and how much you spend (in some cases). Buz Club Software offers all the features mentioned above plus so much more. With an all-in-one solution like ours, you can manage your club without having to switch between softwares, which reduces data errors and hassle.

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How Much Does Membership Management Software Cost?

How much membership management software costs vary depending on the type of software you purchase and the type of payment plan you’re on. There are two main types of software: point solutions, which offer limited capabilities, or full integration solutions, which are all-in-one solutions. The former typically costs less unless you use several, in which case the cost compounds. The latter, on the other hand, tend to cost more than a single point solution but less than having several point solutions. In other words, it’s often more cost effective to purchase an integrated solution that manages everything than trying to cobble together multiple point solutions that may not even integrate well with one another.

As far as types of payment plan, you’ll typically find three different ones during your software research:

  • Pay per member in which the price varies depending on the number of members your club has.
  • Pay per user in which costs vary depending on how many of your club’s employees use the software.
  • Pay per feature or package in which the price varies depending on which and how many features you opt for.

At Buz Software, we offer three different pricing packages based on features you want:

  • The Web Solution Package if you want access to our WebCommunicator only. It comes with access to these features:
    • Content management system
    • Customer relationship management system
    • Member communication
    • Event registration
    • Account statements
    • Online payments
  • The Core Solution Package that gives you access to both our WebCommunicator and our Buz Club Manager. It comes with the features listed above plus these additional features:
    • Accounting
    • Member manager
    • Reporting and data mining
    • Time and attendance
    • Food and beverage point of service
    • Retail point of service
  • The Premium Solution Package for those who want access to the WebCommunicator, the Buz Club Manager, and the full Add-on Library. It comes with the features mentioned above in addition to these other features:
    • Tee time suite
    • Banquet and catering
    • SMS text messaging
    • Program registration
    • Dining reservations
    • Accommodations

Don’t see an option that is just right? With Buz Software, you have the flexibility you need—with our Core Solution Package, you can pick only the add-ons you want. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing! Contact us to learn more about flexible packages.

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When it comes to club management software, Buz Club Software has other solutions beat. We offer a wide array of features to make operating your business more efficient, such as tee times dining reservation tools. Plus, our club system’s customer service is based in North America. so you don’t have to worry about communication or time barriers should you need help using our software.

Our solution is easy to use and provides your team with the information you need to make smart business decisions. Schedule a demo to learn what our solution can do for you.