IT Instructions

Below are instructions and specifications for IT consultants installing file servers and other hardware for clients using Buz Club Manager.

File Server

  • Operating System:  Windows 2012 Server 2012 R2
  • Database:  Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express R2 Service Pack 1 (v12.0.4213)  with Management Studio
    • Add a SQL Server user account with sys admin privileges
  • IIS 8.5 with
    • extensions
    • Application services
    • Dynamic compression removed
    • Static compression removed
  • TS Plus with sufficient licensing for the maximum number of concurrent users (we are re sellers and can provide TS Plus is you desire)
  • TS Print (we are re sellers and can provide TS Plus is you desire)
  • Filezilla
  • Active Directory user group for Buz Software with sub groups for Buz FB POS, Buz Admin and Buz Golf Shop
  • User accounts in the applicable sub groups for BuzAdmin1, BuzAdmin2 etc. for the max number of admin users.  Ditto for BuzFB1 etc. for F&B POS in the Buz FB Group and BufGolf1 etc in the Buz Golf Shop group.  Please assign a universal non-expiring password for each user of Buz$0ftw@re.
  • Espon Advanced Printer Dirver - APD_454aE.exe should be installed for each rpinter model used by the club for receipts and kitchen printing.


  • Port 80 or alias open on the firewall for http  access for tee times member account statement web services

Kitchen and Receipt Printers

  • Kitchen IP printers should be installed on each POS station using  the Espon Advanced Printer Driver
  • Receipt printers should be installed on the respective workstation using  the Espon Advanced Printer Driver

Remote Access for Buz

  • GoToAssist remote access for Buz.  That can be setup in the first remote session.