Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

"BuzCRM is an intuitive customer relationship management system with lead and opportunity management, integrated tasks and more"

Key Features and Benefits

  • Lead management
    • Collect every lead in one place
    • Record discussions and follow-ups easily
    • Monitor end-to-end progress of each lead
    • Start with just a company name, then add information as you learn it
    • Import leads received from shows or from external data bases
  • Opportunity Management
    • Identify sales opportunities as they arise
    • Choose products from a catalog or just estimate overall value
    • Sales reps identify their progress using a consistent set of sales stages
    • Estimate future business based on probability of sales
  • Integrated Calendar & Task Manager
    • Comprehensive online calendar
    • Keep everyone's tasks and appointments in one place
    • View tasks and appointments by customer or sales rep
    • Follow up activities shown on relevant dates
    • Track progress and estimated completion for each task
  • Keep it simple and flexible
    • All your sales data in one place
    • No software or hardware to install; everything runs through the Internet
    • One version of the program; no separate editions with separate prices
    • You can export any amount of your data at any time for any purpose
  • Make Managing Easier
    • See it all from your desktop or wherever you go
    • Produce customer files for any type of report or application
    • Generate customer letters or email campaigns based on any data you wish
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The CRM home screen gives access to your customers, leads, tasks, upcoming events and opportunities providing a quick overview of your daily activity.  Track and monitor customer information including contacts and custom information.  Searching and viewing your customer list is always just a click away.  Manage your product and service offerings with detailed configuration including recuring and one-time billing and much more.  Review your sales pipeline reports for your entire system or by sales rep, product or customer.  Perform a quick search of your entire CRM from one central location. Find what you‘re looking for fast and easy so you can get on with your business.