The Buz Club Manager

Buz Club Manager

The tools you need to maximize productivity.

Keep your club running smoothly with the Buz Club Manager (BCM). Our fully integrated back-office applications are specifically designed for private club administration and management to optimize their operations.

The BCM includes a comprehensive set of private club management tools including accounting, member management, food & beverage point-of-sale, retail point-of-sale, and more.

  • Integrated Private Club Accounting Tools

    Keep your accounting team working efficiently and effectively with our private club accounting tools, from general ledger and inventory management to accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and beyond.

  • Comprehensive Member Management System

    Keep member data organized and updated in real time with our member management tools. Quickly access member info, comprehensive demographic information, installment billing, and so much more.

  • Streamlined Food & Beverage Operations

    Streamline your dining operations from the floor to the kitchen with our F&B POS. With tablet-based tableside service, you can reduce order errors, speed up service, identify dining upsell opportunities, and more.

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The Buz WebCommunicator

Buz Web Communicator

The tools you need to engage members.

Build a one-of-a-kind web experience for your members with the Buz WebCommunicator. Our flexible, user-friendly website content management systems (CMS) is specifically designed to help you engage current members and attract new prospects.

The Buz WebCommunicator CMS is a fully flexible platform, with the tools you need to manage the content, design, layout, and overall look and feel of your private club website. With build-in email communication tools, quickly and easily send targeted emails to specific member lists—or your entire database.

  • Sophisticated, Custom Private Club Websites

    Buz Club Software designs and develops custom, modern websites for private clubs?and gives you all of the tools you need to manage your digital presence with our custom CMS platform built into the Buz WebCommunicator.

  • Automated Email Marketing & Communication Tools

    Quickly and easily create targeted marketing campaigns with email marketing and campaign tools. Develop automated email campaigns to specific lists of members with defined lists and custom queries.

  • Mobile Club Web Apps

    Connect with members wherever they are?in the club, on their computer, or on their smartphone with Buz Mobile Web Apps. Member can access their private member portal in real-time from any device.

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The Add-On Library

Buz Add On Library

The tools you need for your club.

The private club industry is constantly evolving - and so are we. Buz Club Software is always working on new, exciting integrations to add to our ever-growing Add-On Library to give you exactly what you need for your private club.

Our extensive collection of add-ons boasts a range of custom integrations we designed for specific types of clubs, amenities and operations. The Add-On Library includes everything from our full golf club management collection (including tee times, handicap management, tournament programs, and more) to SMS messaging, banquet management, and beyond.

  • Tee Times, Handicap & Tournament Golf Club Tools

    Keep your accounting team working efficiently and effectively with our private club accounting tools, from general ledger and inventory management to accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and beyond.

  • Banquet & Catering Management System

    A fully integrated banquet management system to help you give your guests an exceptional on-site experience. Track all of your banquet and catering activity from sales opportunity to final invoice?all while keeping your club management software updated in real time.

  • SMS Text Messaging

    Give your members a quick, easy way to engage with your club on the go with SMS push notifications. The SMS Text Messaging integration allows you to send members news, offers, discount codes, updates, notifications, and more?right to their personal mobile device.

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Quality Club Software, Quality Customer Service

Buz Club Software does more than develop industry-leading software—we develop industry-leading relationships with every customer. We provide a broad range of customer support and services to ensure you're making the most of your club management software.

Waynesboro Country Club Case Study

Discover how Buz Club Software advanced operations and improved member experiences for Waynesboro Country Club.

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