Tee Times

Buz Tee Times

The tools you need to stay the course

Allow members to book online tee times, over the phone, or in the club via a user-friendly touch-screen application. Manage reservations, track players, set member restrictions, maintain pace of play, create lottery systems, and more — all in real-time.

Buz Tee Times

Benefits for Your Members

  • Book from Any Device
  • Email & SMS Notification
  • Create & Manage Buddy Lists
  • Single Sign-On from Website

Benefits for Your Staff

  • Maximize Pro Shop Staff Time
  • Increase Number of Rounds Played
  • Easy-to-use Lottery System
  • Unlimited Player Rules& Restrictions

Tee Sheet

Tee Sheet

  • All-In-One Tee Sheet Includes Searchable Member List, Calendar & Tee Sheet
  • Member-Centric Tee Sheets
  • Easy-to-Find Member Names with Auto-Fill Search Feature
  • Quickly Modify Tee Times Without Leaving Tee Sheet
  • Book or Cancel Reservations in Seconds
  • Quickly Find Pending Reservations
  • Register Guests on the Fly
Membership and Billing

Powerful Rules Engine

  • Guest Tracking & Restrictions
  • Member Classification Restrictions
  • Advance Booking Privileges
  • Multiple Golf Courses
  • First Tee, Crossovers, Shotguns
Reporting & Data Mining

Reporting and Integration

  • Cancellations, No Shows, Pace of Play
  • Handicap Activity
  • Fast Lottery System with Multiple Equitable Lottery Algorithms
  • Email Notification of Pending Reservations
  • Fully Integrated with BuzPOS